The Sunset Cremation Plan is offered to
you and your family for $1,975.00

(No other Charges)

For additional service options, including : private viewing prior to cremation or public services before or after cremation, please go to the Mackey Funeral Home website and visit "Cremation Services."

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The Sunset Cremation Plan :

Cremation is appealing to many people for various reasons. Direct Cremation is an option for those that want a simple (without service), dignified and affordable means of final disposition. We have heard from many families who have questions regarding the cost associated with Direct Cremation.

In order to accommodate these request, we have implemented The Sunset Plan:

Included in this plan:

Payment for this option will be due at the arrangement conference prior to cremation. A minimum mileage charge may occur if death occurs beyond 25 miles of our facility.